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bluepenciltrash in artemis_fanclub

Fear me, for I am armed with a pencil!

So I've known about this community for a modest amount of time, and I've been sitting on this sketch for a bit shorter...

A Warning: Generally I don't post my own art, due to severe shyness and an overwhelming feeling of inadequacy, but after scanning in the doodle in class and started on it I was assured by the girls sitting around me that if I did not share I would be smited down. I wish to avoid the wrath of fangirl god. Anyways, the anatomy is off, and no amount of looking very disappointed at the lines made them wiggle to where they should be, so short of starting up a chant to Tempus there wasn't much I could do.

My Mindset: I prefer pictures that show a moment in day-to-day life rather than an emotionally charged event, like battle, especially with characters like our dear, violent assassin. The appeal lying in the intimacy of being allowed to see a side of a character not generally shown, or allowed to be shown, to other people. Also, there are no scars. He should have scars, I know this, but I honestly didn't feel like putting them in. I enjoyed the piece enough as it was. Maybe I'll put em in later.

My Little Hooray: Let it be known I don't draw men- often, at any rate. When I do, it usually ends up looking bad. I'm just better at drawing girls. When I was working on it in class a friend next to me commented "He's sort of petite, but in a masculine way." And I was all: yes! Take that, confusing man-anatomy! This definitely turned out better than I had hoped for.

The Title, Finally: "Slow Day" is the official title, the piece itself showing Artemis getting a bit of downtime. The first unofficial title is "Almost Gratuitous Fanservice." The second, and my personal favorite, unofficial title is "There are Far Too Many Shirts in This Picture."

Hint: There is only one shirt. And it is more like a vest.

Without any further ado:

Amg I can't believe I finally posted it .__.




Awsome! You've really captured him in one of his rare self-reflective moods. :)

More please.
OMG... It's horrible
And this is Artemis Entreri after alcoholic intoxication?


A.E Picture

I think it looks pretty good.Not Van Gogh material but great potential.I sound like Yoda dont I??? GREAT PICTURE!!!