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sip artemis

yoski in artemis_fanclub

Fanfic! Fanart! Fan-whatever!!!

May the thousand fans of the Artemis Empire descent upon you!!!! Our Fandom will cover the sun! And then we will read RAS in the shade!

Sorry, I NEEDED to do that.

Back to the bussiness. If you want to share your fanwork, dont hestiate! Do you know how to post in the club? Dont worry, I will tell ya! ;D

  1. First, click in top option of the page "Post to joural"
  2. Then click in "Publish in" box and choose "artemis_fanclub"
  3. Paste your Fanfic, fanart or the links where we can see it!
  4. Please state the type of work: Fanart, fanfic or fanwork (anything else) in the TAGS (below in the gray box)
  5. Click to send and .....
  6. DONE!! ;D We are ready to share the word of the Master!!! yay!

This is a sample of "Under Selune Eyes" and "Artemis meets fanfiction" LOL

 My deviantart Gallery
And this is the other one.... XD




I love both of them! I have to admit that whenever I see Artemis slash, I think, "What would he say if he saw this?"

"Under Selune's Eyes" is absolutely gorgeous!
Now, the first one is all thoughtful, minimalistic, beautiful, and will be undeservingly ignored because of the second one.
Why do I have the feeling Artie's stalking off to kill us all? *mortified snicker*
Perhaps he just saw a pretty cuddle-picture of him and Drizzt...No wonder I can't write slash, I'm too bloody much afraid of him.
Now, Jarlaxle would enjoy quite a laugh about the fandom. And tease, OH yes.
Or get ideas?
*runs from the stampeding plotbunnies*


I'm ecstatic

As I was thumbing through google trying to find some nice pictures I am going to make for my "tribute to artemis" video I plan to stick up on youtube, I came across (and was surprised to see) several fan sites for entreri. this was the first one I had found in english and the first I am able to express my joy that this char is not shunned by most who read the legend of drizzt series. I would be glad to call you friend by common interests.. -gives a low bow to the site, it's owner and those who would also come to love this most interesting of RAS chars- I thank you.

Re: I'm ecstatic

You are welcome!!
If you want to check my Artemis Video Tribute here it is.. WARNING RotP Spoilers!!
btw, the name's blake.. -does a quick bow out-