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Aug. 7th, 2008



The Fanclub


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Aug. 5th, 2008




Poll #1235558 New Layout!!

Do you like the new layout!?

It's nice
I have seen better
Nooo, change it back!!
Meh, dont care, give me my ARTEMIS!
Hi pals! I just changed the layout. What do you think of this??


Newbie bearing fanfic!

Let me begin by pointing out my natural lurker tendencies. So I'm terribly proud and happy that I have something to offer as gift to the community before I fade off completely.

Me wrotes fanfiction!

Hope you like. It's just a quick one-shot that's completely consumed my mind the last two days. It wouldn't have taken so long to write it, but I had to go to work in between, damn reality.


Title: S T I L L   T H E   F O X
Warning/Rating: Despite its protagonist(s), this it's essentially harmless. Funny, that. Also, it is not beta-ed.
Summary: Entreri meets old associates on the road. Unfortunately. Takes place some time after Road of the Partriarch.
Author's Note: I love Entreri. And while I have all kinds of love for Jarlaxle, I could not write him well on pain of death. So I don't. Such a pity, really.

Title taken the song "Running Man" by Al Stewart. It makes me think of Entreri.

( Still the Fox )

Jul. 26th, 2008



It's Official

From Bob Himself:
"IMO! And you can expect to see Entreri again, but it will be in a book by me."

Jun. 30th, 2008



hello fellow readers! I'm new to this community so I wanted to say hello and ask a couple questions. 

anyone hear anything about another book comeing out about Entreri? I didn't really like the ending and it left me kind of confused. does he start dateing Dwahvel? do we never hear of him again?  does he group up with Jarlaxle again? I don't understand why R.A. would end the book like this unless he had plans for another book so...I don't know I would hate for The Sellswords to end on this book.

what do you guys think about all this?

Jun. 21st, 2008




It's my first post here, but I wanted to share my Artemis Entreri picture with you.

Follow the Assassin.Collapse )

I hope you like it!

Apr. 5th, 2008




"In the icewind dale trilogy you pretty much introduce me (and many other) to the realms on a continent spanning adventure. any chance on a big traveling to do now that the neighborhood has changed?
- Number 37

RAS - "I'll be bouncing around again now that the Silver Marches have settled for the time being. The next book rolls out to the Sword Coast, and I'm going south from there."

"-Will Drizzt ever learn anything about Entreri's past? - Lady Fellshot

Lady Fellshot: I do expect that Entreri and Drizzt will meet again, or at least, that someone in common will reveal to one or the other the news of the other. It is very possible that Drizzt will learn much more about Entreri as time goes on." http://rasalvatoreforums.yuku.com/forum/getrefs/id/83870/type/0 


Now, let the squeal and fanboyism being!


...Or at least Jarlaxle could appear as a cammeo in Transitions.  lol   <3


Feb. 28th, 2008



Artemis in other fandoms

So, as there seems to be some people in here, I'll go ahead with another thread.

(there are spoilers for the Black Company and the Liveship Traders, so be warned)

I'm reading the Black Company at the moment, and there's this character named Raven who's a tough deadly guy and immediately made me think of Artemis. He can make knives appear in his hands as if by magic, he is very evasive about his past, seems to have major emotional issues and also has the death glare. The only time he showed some compassion was when he risked his life to rescue a young girl being raped.

In the Liveship Traders, there's a pirate named Kennit who struck me as a screwed-up Artemis. He is very ambitious and distrustful to the point of paranoia, also with big emotional issues due to a traumatic childhood very similar to Artemis's.  He wants everybody to fear him and is very particular about his looks, his hygiene, and the image others can have of him, so everything he says or does is perfectly controlled.

It's hard to describe in a few words, but these two characters gave me a strong Artemis feeling while reading those books.

So, if you have read them, what is your opinion? Or if you haven't, are there other characters that remind you of Artemis?

Feb. 20th, 2008



Artemis's child ??

I was wondering why on earth would Kimmuriel want to abduct Calihye, and the only answer I found was that he knew she was pregnant with Artemis's child. This idea doesn't please me for several reasons:

First, I don't want to see any vanilla stuff involving Artemis. I don't want to see him as a father, like "I want to be a good person for my child, but if you mess with him then I'll show you true evil" kind of stuff. One Drizzt is enough. I like Artemis in the grey area; I don't want him to become good because that would be plain boring.

Second, I think the child would be a major case for a Mary Sue. And I know he will be. If it was a girl, she would inherit her mother's beauty which would have been, if not for the scar, the most beautiful woman Artemis has ever seen. She/He would have a horrible childhood among the drow, but having inherited his father's skills and strong will, she/he would be able to beat the crap out of any drow and to resist Kimmuriel's psionic powers. And eventually she/he would escape and be reunited with his unsuspecting father who would scream bloody vengeance, they would both team up and set Mezzoberranzan on fire...

Anyway, what do you think? How do you feel about Artemis having a child of his own? Do you see any other reason why Kimmuriel would need Calihye?

Feb. 8th, 2008

fanboy Jarl


(no subject)

Dear fellow Fan(girl)s,

since 1sentence is being lazy and not adding my claim, I figured I might just post it here.
In short: 50 themes, one sentence each, about Jarlaxle and Artemis (Entreri-samaaaa ♥♥♥), scrambled into some sort of order. Well... maybe someone is reading this comm after all ^^;;

The challenge

Pairing: Jarlaxle/Entreri *Entreri-muse smites Nari for uke presumption* Fine, fine. Entreri/Jarlaxle.

Theme set: Alpha (1sentence )

Rating: R-ey for the inavoidable bloodshed - uhm, we're talking drow and assassins here?

Warning: A spoiler or two.

More warnings: Blood. Murder. Villain fangirling. Evilness. More blood and murder. Implied slash, le gasp. Dashes and semicolon abuse due to the one-sentence rule. Terry Pratchett influence (especially #7 & #13). One footnote. One bad word. Two mercenaries.

Unnecessary Explanation no one cares about: drow = dark elves = evil. Except The Drizzit, er, Drizzt, goody-goody ranger and Entreri’s unrequited love bane of existence. Jarlaxle is the stylish and calculating leader of Bregan D’aerthe, a drow mercenary band (nooo, not music-related) who has employed Entreri to act as human front for the drow operations. When there was an uprising in Bregan D’aerthe, Entreri saved Jarlaxle’s hot sorry ass, and they have slept travelled together since. Of course, the story is a lot more complicated than that... and boy am I proud to have summarised it that short ^_^
And oh, right. Entreri... *fangirl* Entreri-samaaaaaaa!!!!  Entreri is awesome. Period.

Additional note: The sentences turned out kinda connected, after I was done, so it’s shuffled for continuity. But it’s really 50!

Dedication:  Myo-chan, who won the “guess-Nari’s-shiny” competition at the first try.

50 themes x 1 sentenceCollapse )

Feedback is  FORCEFULLY DEMANDED, ON PAINFUL PAIN OF DEEEEEAAAAATH!!!!!  encouraged and appreciated, even the "You suck!!111" - I like it when people agree with me ;-).

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